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Payment Guide

InPage™ Overview

Welcome to InPage™ Urdu- World’s most popular Urdu Software. InPage™ is a Windows based page layout program specifically created for accurate rendering of words in Urdu language. It is the industry standard tools for page-making of Newspapers, Magazines & Books. Using the power of Nastaliq & Character based fonts InPage™ gives you the freedom to design your dreams in almost all Perso-Arabic scripts like Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, Kashmiri, Pushto & Hazaragi. InPage™ is multilingual, which means that you can effortlessly mix lot of languages in your document.
InPage™ comes in two versions:
  • Dongle version
           Package Contents: software DVD,USB Dongle, Manual in pdf.
  • Online version
           Downloadable, requires continuous internet connection for usage. InPage™ setup and product key is sent to user in his registered Email ID.


In order to install InPage™ and work effectively with it, following prerequisites are required:
  • C++ re-distributable package.
  • Compatible with IBM machine with Windows XP, 7, 8 and Windows Server.
  • Dongle required (for Dongle version only).
  • Product key required for online version only (key provided to user by email).
  • This product is not for MAC operating systems.

About the Help Doc

This document covers all the Installation instructions of InPage™ for both online and dongle version. Features available in InPage™ Free version and how to upgrade software is given in subsequent sections.

Online Product Purchase:

Visit Buy to select products to purchase. Click ‘Add to Cart’ given with each product, this will add selected item in Cart.

Figure: Add to cart.

Click ‘Show Cart’ to open cart window to crosscheck selected product items to purchase. Add the quantity of the product and click ‘Proceed to Payment’.

To buy InPage™ package for more than one machine, specify the no. in the Quantity column:

Figure: quantity= No. Of machines you want InPage™ to install.

Remember the quantity of fonts will be equal to the quantity of package you are buying. That is, if you are buying InPage™ for 10 machines, you will have to buy the font for 10 machines too.

Or if you have InPage™ package already and later, you want to buy the font, just go through the site, select font, it will ask for a product key that must have been provided to you.

Figure: Enter Product Key to buy the Font

Click on validate, it will validate the key , then proceed to payment. Remember your fonts quantity will be equal to the no. Of machines your key is registered.

For eg: if your product key is registered for 10 machines, that is you have bought InPage™ package for 10 machines, then fonts quantity will be equal to 10. You can not buy less or more.

Figure: No. Of Fonts = no. Of machines, key is registered.

Proceed to payment,ask to enter product key again, to make sure that user want to buy it.

Figure: Key validation for Font.

Proceed to payment leads you to new screen where you will have to register yourself. Please ensure you enter correct contact details. On this contact detail, we will send you a mail with the activation link, product key, InPage™ guide and the InPage™ link to download software exe.

Figure: User Registration.

Complete the payment process. There are 2 payment methods given :
A) Pay with paypal
B) Pay with 2Checkout

On proceeding through paypal, you will get this screen:

Figure: Proceed with PayPal

You can see the package and fonts that you are buying with no of Quantities mentioned in the left hand side. And then you can proceed with payment.

On proceeding with 2Checkout, you will get this screen:

Figure: Proceed with 2Checkout

You can see the package and font with no. Of Quantities mentioned and can proceed through payment.

After being done with payment, go to registered email address, click on the activation link to activate yourself for this product and download InPage™ package from the url as given in the mail.

Install software as instructed in subsequent section.

If you encounter any problem, see Support and contact Information on Contact Us page.