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Find a bug in tables handling of InPage™ software and get rewarded!!

Reward US$250


The objective is to find definite set of steps that lead to a crash in InPage document. As an example lets take a case that when arrow key is used to move between cells, InPage crashes. We need two document files one in which the caret movement is fine. And in another if we undertake certain step (like split table, enter text etc.), and then do caret movement, InPage crashes.


  • Keep your auto save ON from InPage and maintain multiple backups (10 or more) files.
  • For creating a backup from InPage, see below:

  • Now you can create tables, enter text, create multiple tables across pages and generally try to crash InPage.
  • After each operation, please save the document. This way a series of backups will be created.
  • If possible, create a video of the crash.
  • Once InPage crashes. You should be able to show the previous backup where if you do the same operation it does not crash and the current version where if you do that operation it crashes. We need to find out as to what was done that led to InPage crash.
  • Send us all the backup files and crash files mentioning detailed steps of crash at

*Terms and Conditions:

  • Decision of InPage management will be final
  • The prize money will be valid only to the first person whoever reports the bug and is successfully reproducible here.
  • Thank you note will also be displayed on our website for that person, once we are able to reproduce the bug.