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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Difference between ligature and character based Urdu publishing system?
Urdu is very calligraphic script which has traditionally been written by hand. Due to complexity of the script it is very difficult for a computer program to properly render the text aesthetically. Because of this limitation InPage™ uses a Nastaliq font in which 18,000 ligatures have been hand crafted and digitized in outline format. This allows all Urdu words to be displayed with perfect quality at any size. InPage™ uses a character based technology to synthesize words not in its ligature dictionary. Following example of word Nastaliq written in Ligature and Character form demonstrates the difference between the two styles.
Character Ligature
Character Ligature
2. Sample Nastaliq text with and without Kerning and Kashish feature?
Following Nastaliq text with and without Kerning and Kashish feature
Nastaliq Kerning
3. Sample of Muhammadi Quranic font?
Following sample text of MUHAMMADI QURANIC font.
Muhammadi Quranic Font
4. Using Footnote in InPage™?
In latest version of InPage™ , footnote can be use and it can be use in any available font.
To use Footnote in InPage, select it from Insert menu option: Insert->Footnote.
5. Saving file as pdf?
InPage™ can save a file or pages in a pdf format.
To save File as pdf in InPage, select it from File menu option: File->Save as PDF..
6. Support of unicode?
InPage™ comes with full support of unicode. Urdu text can be copy/paste from application like MSWord.
7. How to use other Nastaliq fonts?
If you have other Nastaliq Fonts downloaded in your system, to use them in InPage:
On Windows:
Copy all Nastaliq Fonts in the windows Font Folder and save them OR simply install them through right-click OR by double-clicking and choosing install option.

On Mac:
Copy the fonts at some place, install them by double clicking on it and choosing install font.

-Run InPage exe again, and other Nastaliq fonts will now appear in your InPage on Windows and Mac in the Urdu ComBoBoX.
8. Is Kerning Feature available for Other Nastaliq fonts?
Yes, Kerning feature is available in InPage™ for other Nastaliq Fonts.
9. Support for diacritical marks (aerabs)?
InPage™ supports all aerabs for Urdu and Arabic. Aerabs are also available for Nastaliq script. Following is a list of aerabs supported and some sample words with aerabs.
10. Special Urdu symbols are supported in InPage™?
Following special Urdu symbols are supported in InPage™.
Special Urdu Symbols
11. InPage™ support of Arabic capability under Non Arabic versions of Arabic Windows?
InPage™ allows Arabic capability under US and European versions of Windows. Our Arabic technology has a extended character set which includes Urdu characters like.
Arabic Characters
12. Importing files from other Urdu packages into InPage™?
InPage™ supports import of Text files, Mac text files, Shahkar, Shahkar encript files, Global and Surkhab files, UCS files, GIST files, Dilkash files. The import filter imports only the text without any formatting.
13. InPage™ copy protection?
InPage is available in 2 Versions: Online and Dongle.
For Dongle Verison, Dongle Operations are used for Protection.
For Online Version, Software is bound with InPage Key and further encryption methods are used for Protection.
14. Using InPage™ on a network?
InPage is available on network as Online and Dongle Version.

For Online version: continuous internet connection will be required..

For Dongle Version: internet communication is required for first time only.
Then User can use InPage via dongle only.
But for any upgrade in the version, Internet communication will be required once again.

User can also have 1 dongle for more than 1 user machine and the dongle need not be plugged in every machine where inpage will be used.
It needs to be on one machine only(Probably, the admin), other machines will work fine without dongle.
But it must be pugged to one machine. For eg: Educational Institutions
15. Upgrading InPage™?
All minor upgrades and new Naskh fonts are provided free of cost to existing users. We will have a reasonable upgrade cost for users who are using InPage™ 1.9 or earlier version and wanted to upgrade with InPage™ Professional.
16. InPage™ support in countries where there this no direct support?
This site has a separate section for handling support for InPage™ customers. This site will also provide facility to download new updates of InPage™. At concept we are committed to providing best support to all our customers. Free phone/fax/email/chat support is provided for 1 year to all customers.
17. Using InPage™ to send Faxes in Urdu ?
Using any Windows fax software like WinFAX, FaxTalk etc. you can fax a Urdu page from InPage™.
18. Using InPage™ on Macintosh, Linux, iPad or iPhone?
InPage™ is available for Macintosh Versions. If you need a mac version, you can write to us via email or you can also visit Contact Us.
The Mac Version is also available on: Buy Now.
Note: InPage Mac is not a native built application. It is a Windows application build with Winebottler for Mac.

But, InPage™ is currently not available for Linux, iPad or iPhone.

19. Can we open an InPage file saved using Mac version into non-Mac version(Windows) of InPage and vice versa?
Yes, we can open Mac Version InPage(.dmg) file in Windows and Windows InPage(.exe) file in Mac.
20. Is Dongle Version of InPage available for Mac?
Dongle is not supported on Mac. So currently, we dont have a dongle version of InPage for Mac.
21. Exporting Urdu Text created in InPage™ to CorelDraw, MS-Word, Page Maker etc?
It is possible to export InPage™ text to applications like CorelDraw.
User can apply graphic transformations or design for books, cards, calendars etc and then, user can also import the image back into InPage™.
22. Using InPage™ Urdu fonts in other packages?
No, InPage Urdu Fonts can not be used in any other Packages.
InPage™ fonts use a special character set. So, they work only with InPage™.
23. Using Arabic fonts in InPage™ Urdu?
You can use Arabic fonts in InPage™.
24. Package details of InPage™ Professional 3.xx?
Latest version of InPage comes with two types of versions- Online and Dongle. Features and prices are same for both.
User can select anyone from the followings:
1) InPage online version Windows
Downloadable. Required continuous internet connection for usage.

2) InPage Dongle version Windows
Downloadable: Setup & User manual. Dongle will be shipped.
Complete software will arrive to user in 2-3 working days through DHL international.

3) InPage online version for Mac
Downloadable. Required continuous internet connection for usage.
25. Demo version of InPage™ Professional 3.xx?
Demo version of InPage™ is available with some features being disable/hidden. It can be available on request by sending an email at info@inpage.com.
26. InPage™ Professional 3.xx compatibility with different operating systems?
InPage™ Professional 3.xx version is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, Windows Server 2008R2 32/64 bits and Mac OsX.
27. Opening file of higher version into lower version of InPage™?
File created in higher version of InPage™ cannot be open in lower version. This feature is not available.
However, lower version InPage™ files will work successfully for higher versions of InPage™.
28. User define keyboard?
Download and install Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator.
29. International Shipping?
For international shipping we use DHL Courier.
30. Windows Explorer search Urdu contents inside the InPage™ file?
Windows search does not work with InPage™ files. Please download and install free search software . Also see search screen shot. Only InPage™ 3.xx files can be searched via this utility.
31. Prompting in Nastaliq in InPage™ Professional 3.xx?
Prompting in Nastaliq is available in latest version of InPage™ Professional, its works only in Story Editor mode.

Using prompting from a PC machine

  • Make Num Lock key ON later use following key only from Num Lock pad
  • + plus key, to increase the speed
  • - minus key, to decrease the speed
  • Up arrow key, start prompting from bottom to top
  • Down arrow key, start prompting from top to bottom
  • Press and hold Shift key, to stop prompting
  • Esc escape key for cancel prompting

Using prompting from a Laptop

  • Make Num Lock key ON by pressing and hold Fn key then press Num Lock key
  • Use all keys as mentioned above. Do not use plus/minus key from the numeric key. Use minus key from : colon key and + plus key from ? question mark key.
32. Stand-alone HAMZA in keyboards?
Phonetic - Shift+4
Aftab - Tild key .
33. Using on screen keyboards?
For on screen keyboards run following command
Start -> Run -> %windir%\system32\osk.exe .
34. How to get Zuhair Font?
If you haven't purchase a Zuhair Font yet:
Visit Buy Now. Purchase Zuhair_Albazi_Naskh Font using the key/Dongle no.

After purchasing, Restart inpage software and zuhair font will be available in user's Inpage.

For Dongle Users: enable system's Internet connection again to get the update of Zuhair Font with Inpage.
Then restart inpage and Zuhair Font will be available in Inpage with dongle.
After update, disable internet connection(or you may keep it enable) and InPage will work fine with dongle.

Note: User will have to purchase Zuhair Font for as many machines as his key/dongle is registerd for.

35. How to Export InPage files of latest version into old version?
Step 1
Open file into latest version, from File Menu, select Export All Text, select InPage Story Editor Files (*ins), from Saves As Type.
Step 2
Open InPage old version, from File Menu, select Import, select InPage Story Files from Files of Type.

Currently, Export/Import support is only between 3.61 and 2.4 versions. In export, images and table are not supported.