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Zuhair Albazi Naskh is the most advanced OpenType Arabic typeface ever created, based on Ottoman manuscript. This unique typeface contains an unmatched range of features known from the Arabic script. It is not merely a font but an ultimate typesetting and design tool for the Arabic script in classic Naskh style, with letters variants and calligraphic styles, specifically developed to take advantage of the extensive functionality for Naskh Arabic typography. The typeface consists of extreme typographic richness and full Unicode support while giving access to the special features of Naskh style. It faithfully captures the historical Naskh as it evolved from practical calligraphy into the best legible Arabic typography ever designed. This high-end Arabic typeface is particularly well suited for traditional book typography. The font provides fine typographic control by marrying the latest OpenType technology to traditional calligraphic and typographic models. It contains over 3700 Arabic glyphs, including contextual alternates for letters and marks and language-specific forms. The high quality typeface is character based, almost free of ligatures, as only 9 ligatures are included in 3700 Arabic glyphs. Extra care was taken in the design of all outlines. The graceful curves, rounded terminals, and the contrast between thick and thin strokes are consistent and lively throughout the typeface providing all the correct calligraphic shapes for quality Arabic Naskh. Download the Font Brochure in pdf format to view the font and its features in detail from link at http://www.mediafire.com/?9nnj64xb1vfaqve Top Arabic Type Designers? Views about this Typeface Take a look at http://typophile.com/node/93945 and read the views of Top Arabic Type Designers of the world about this Typeface. Some Key features of the Typeface
  • Control to use different shape alternates for words to achieve the dissimilation of the same letter through variations and to open up new creative possibilities for advertising, front pages, greeting and business cards.
  • Control to use different shape alternates for marks also like dammatan, fatahatan, kasratan etc.
  • Control to adjust space between words, normal spacing, condensed Naskh spacing or expanded spacing.
  • Beautiful swashes (elongated letters) for all words.
  • Calligraphic Naskh kashida (Tatweel) upto three levels of elongations, so the Kashida distribution and frequence can be precisely controlled to create Arabic calligraphic documents without a calligrapher.
  • Accurate marks positioning, horizontally centered, slightly above or below the letters, neither touching the letters nor colliding with adjacent marks.
  • Control to adjust the marks placement on letters, normal close marks or distant marks.
  • Thousands of kerning pairs for the fine adjustment of letters especially after Raa, Zaa, Waw and before Kaaf.
  • Special characters for modern and classic Arabic, such as Qur?anic punctuation and Tajweed marks.
  • Proportional and tabular numerals.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Suitable for any kind of cultural text, from religious to poetic and literary, to create sophisticated Arabic literary and academic books. Also suitable for larger text sizes.